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    Vishu is over but rain still play hide and seek

    Generally during summer people of Kerala wait for Vishu. They are to start the agriculture activities from then It is because of the traditional belief that the rain will show its first face. It is called the summer rain. This help the farmers to begin their preliminary works related to the year's agriculture. That is why on Vishu day there is a function called 'chaalu keeral' is held in the rural Kerala (may be in Northern Kerala). It is nothing but a function of digging the first hole in the paddy field in an auspicious time.
    But the rain is not showing a positive approach to this agri-activity this time, it seems. The summer rain is yet to start its shower.
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    Rains are blessing from God to man. When it comes rushing down from above, it comes with alot of blessing like increase of food and goodies for the people.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    You said it correctly, Mr.Adesola Adeyeye. Of course I consider it as the play of Nature. Hence, it is our duty to see that the nature is well maintained. But what we do is entirely in the different way.Everyday we go on destroying the nature around us. Let us stop it and do positively to keep up the nature around us.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Most probable date for S W Monsoon will be between 26/5/2014 and 28/5/2014 according to the weather forcast

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    I think that we humans are only one responsible for this climatic changes. The over exploitation, factory wastes and smokes emitted, deforestation, etc will all result in such climatic deviations. This will really affect the yearly agricultural activities. Farmers find it difficult to predict the best time to start their cultivation. This will further cause huge loss for the farmers and thus many farmers would end up sacrificing their life for escaping from the trap of dept.

    So it is the responsibility of we people to save our earth from this pathetic situation. Hope there will not be a stage where we have to beg for rice and vegetables from Tamil Nadu. Best wishes.

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