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    Malayalam is the language of natives of Kerala

    Kerala State was formed in 1956 on the basis of a decision by the Government of India to forms States on the basis of regional languages. When in an area, a particular language is spoken by the majority, all such areas will be brought under the same State. Thus when Kerala state was formed it was by combining those areas where Malayalam was spoken by the majority. Portion of Tamil Nadu (then Madras State), Kochi and Travancore got joint and the new State came into being.

    As mentioned the people belonging to this newly formed State are having Malayalam as their mother tongue. But if you travel from Kasargod (northernmost district of Kerala)to Thiruvananthapuram (Southern district) you can hear different slang of Malayalam. Very often, different to the extent that even a 'Malayalee' cannot follow it completely. Hence it will be interesting to make discussion on this issue.
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    This is a good thread but I believed if it was produced as a resource it will have been very good and educative to members and visitors on this site.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Slang may be defined as informal language which may include words as impolite and may stay in use for a short period of time.It is used by particular group of people who know each other.
    The reason for slang language may be to prove that someone belongs to certain social class,group,school,profession,region etc.
    It is interesting to note that the slang is transforming over a period of time.

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    Here I used the word slang not as abusive, but as typical of a locality. For example the usage of local people of Thrissur is a typical, nowhere else it can be heard. That regional tone and accent are meant in my usage of slang.
    Gold Member, SPK

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