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    Big fat weddings in Kerala.

    Kerala Govt has decided to introduce a law to prevent people from throwing extravagant weddings Social Justice Minister Mr.M K Muneer said.
    Things have reached a stage where people may even try and wear a dress made from gold.The proposed law indents to curtail unnecessary wedding expenditure.
    "We sought legal opinion on the issue and we were advised that before enacting the new law ,support of the society including religious heads and social activists should be mobilised through discussions.This is to avert the possibility of the law being challenged in court.
    The proposed law will apply to all aspects of wedding celebrations right from limiting the number of invitation cards,number of people invited ,expenditure on the wedding hall and ceremony itself.
    The amount people spend on weddings in Kerala is limitless,they spend crores of rupees to flaunt their wealth.
    But on the other side,if people are spending crores of rupees on the weddings,these money coming to the open market by which many people benefit.
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    It is a welcome move, if it is genuine, to curtail the extravaganza of wedding ceremonies. Actually it has crossed the limits and many families have become bankrupt because of their children's marriage.

    I know several families who approach co-operative Banks or other funding institutions for loan to conduct marriages of their daughters (in most cases it is daughters' marriages not sons').The tendency to invite thousands for marriage also is increasing.
    Now a single function extends to different functions. It starts with the betrothal. Then there will be a get together on the previous evening of the marriage. Then on marriage day there will be a grand lunch. Afterwards on the same day or later a party (called reception) will be arranged.
    If the bride or bridegroom is working in a different place one more reception will be arranged there. Like this several functions related with a single marriage add to the total expenditure.

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    Two days back I had to attend a marriage. Myself with my wife went there. It was held in a large auditorium, multistoryed one. The function was in the fourth floor, naturally one has to go in the lift. Lift was packed since people were pouring in.
    Vehicles were queuing in front of the porch since the VIPs wont get out of the car unless it is in the porch. Ordinary people who also came in cars were parking the cars in a ground almost half a km away and walking. In fact the marriage function was just like a festival.
    I had to adjust standing in front of a entrance door and witness the marriage. Wife went inside and managed somewhere.
    As soon as the marriage was over there was a rush to the dining hall. Food was arranged in three halls. All got filled within no time. We just came down without taking lunch and walked to the place where we got a vehicle. This is a real experience.

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    Everybody should understand that conducting the ceremonies inconveniencing others is deplorable.

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    The Big Fat Wedding - extravaganza in family functions including marriages are a common feature of our country and not restricted to any particular state alone. Marriages are the epitome of show of extravaganza. Many of you may know that there was a Govt regulation to the effect that the total number of invitees for any function not to exceed 50. Now this is not even known to a large number of people. Thereafter there were frequent calls by various leaders for austerity in ceremonies. One example is "Gadkari, who had earlier called for austerity when he was sworn in as BJP president, apparently spent over a crore rupees in just printing wedding cards." He declared that he is spending Rs 25 crores for his 1st son's marriage. Normally the major portion of expenses are borne from the bride's side. So one can imagine what would have been the expenses of Gadkari's son's in laws for the marriage. One of my village person settled in Mumbai conducted his son's marriage about 5 years back with 7 days functions. He must have spent about Rs 5 crores at that time. I had the invitation to participate for all the 7 days functions and accommodations were booked in 5 star hotels. I could not go due to some personal reason. Recently I attended a marriage in T N of a girl of a middle class family. The expenses could be at last about 75 laks minimum. Similarly I had attended many extravagant functions of relatives and friends of various states. Generally I find that the spending of North Indians will be much more higher than their counterparts of South. This extravaganza is just to show off. Around 50 to 60 percent of the expenses are waste. In some cases I have suggested to the concerned to simplify the functions and the amount saved may be given to the newly married couple in marriages or to deposit in banks in the name of those for whom the functions are arranged like the engagement ceremony, birthday functions, naming ceremony, Upanayanam etc.
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