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    Life style diseases on the increase in Kerala.

    The new generation in Kerala is leading a life style which is inviting several health problems. Different studies show that the life style diseases are on an increase in this State. People of Kerala were mainly depending on agriculture and and were leading a related life style. Industrialization attracted some and related changes were there in their life style. However the new trend, the importance given to the tertiary sector, service sector, has made drastic changes in the total life style. Physical jobs have been replaced by mental as well as office oriented jobs.

    Due to nature of work very often people prefer eating out. In Kerala houses earlier the latrines were constructed outside the main building in a corner of the house plot. Hence people eat inside the house since kitchen is inside and go out for using latrines. Now this has been just reversed. They go out to hotels for eating and since latrines are attached to bed rooms go in for using the latrine.

    The food items taken contain no useful nutrients, especially it will be with out fibre. The fast food eating style lead to high intake of saturated fat which increases the cholesterol in the blood. It is reported that the Type 2 diabetes is found in school going children. This type of diabetes is affected because of food and is generally found among elderly people. Among children unhealthy fatness has become very common. These children take fast food and never go for bodily exercises.

    Hypertension , cancer, diabetes, increased level of cholesterol, lethargy, etc. have become very common. Earlier people used to have three main food, break fast, dinner and supper. But this system is not followed. Food is taken any time. Supper is extended even after the mid night. Occasional snacks are very common during working times. The loss of systematic living has led to the occurrence of different diseases among the people.
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    Wow! This is a very good thread you have raised. I really want to encouarge you to produce this as a resource posted in the article section of this site. However, there is a need for you to produce it in detail. This will be helpful to the members and visitors on this site.

    Modern lifestyle brings sbout dangerous sicknesses and diseases that are so very strange to man. Such sickness like diabetes, cancers, hypertension.

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Thank you Mr. Adeyeye. I am only happy to prepare an article on this topic. hope I can do it within a couple of days.
    However, I feel sorry that no other members have commented on this thread, which as you said is an important issue as far as the health of people of Kerala.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    It is true that the lifestyle of people have made serious incurable diseases. These are mainly due to the type of living and other unhealthy fast foods that are consumed daily. Junk foods like bakery items, sodas, fried chicken, etc. are very harmful for health. The place were we live, the type of bottles we use to drink water, etc can even lead to cancer. So it is the responsibility of we people to control all our lifestyle habits and lead a healthy working generation. Best wishes.

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    Now deseases are increasing and meditation is limited. Lifestyle of humans cause many health problems. No health care No homely food No diet No exersise Its all are the reasons and also packed food habite. When this habites changed deseases also go.

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