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    Kerala become the State of drunkards.

    The report of the National Family Health survey shows that 45 % of Kerala men belonging to the age between 15 to 49 are drunkards. The Indian average is 31.9 % only. In Kerala rural people are seen taking liquor more, with 38 % of rural males are having this habit. While in urban area the average is 29.4 %. The respective Indian figures are 28% and 22.2 %.

    Among the drunkards in Kerala majority are 35 or less aged. Ten years back the drinking among Kerala youth started at the age of 17, where as now it has come down to just 12 years.

    Kerala population is just 3 % of Indian population. But about 18 % of total liquor sales in the country is taking place in Kerala. On an average 11 liters of liquor is consumed by a Keralite annually. This average is based on the whole population. Unless a serious thinking and realistic actions are taken, Kerala will be going to be in trouble.
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    Closing down of 418 liquor shops in Kerala is a welcome step.By this way we can reduce the consumption of alcohol in the state.But for how long the Govt will be able to close down these shops remains to be seen.

    I think, second most revenue for the states comes fron the sale of liquor.We have to identify the sourse of revenue as a replacement to income from sale of liquor then only the Govt will be able to take bold decision to ban the liquor sales

    Let all members of this forum think and come forward with innovative measures to reduce the liquor sale in the state.

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    This is really sad as it is not a good image for the state. The government has a great work to do in order to curb and stop this great abuse.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    By closing down the bars for nearly two months crime rate is reduced in Kerala.Also,we can notice lot of positive changes in the social livings.

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    Wile Kerala can boast many firsts in positive aspects of human development indexes like literacy, skill levels etc it is a boat that it is also number one in the negative aspect of drunkards. In fact a great contribution to this sorry state is from the entertainment industry, the cinema and TV shows. In almost 100% of cinemas and many serials there will be scenes of drinking session without any rhyme or reason. It is shown as a couture of Kerala to such an extent that the scenes will have the ladies of the house serving the drunkards. It is a pity that the state which can boast of almost cent percent literacy and intellectualism has fallen to such a low level in this animal instinct. To my knowledge the only other state which can compete for 1st position in intoxication is Punjab where the % of population, especially the younger ones, is very high in intoxication. Kerala is slightly better than Punjab in the sense that the intoxication medium is liquor in Kerala while it is drugs in Punjab which is much more serious. Prohibition and closing down of shops selling these items are not going to go a long way. Instead the Government and the Social agencies should take up the issue as a challenge and make the population aware of the bad effects of intoxication and persuade the drunkards or drug addicts to get away from the habits.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    There is no wonder with this case. Liquor has now become an addict for most of the malayalees mainly those who are living in rural areas. They are less educated and doesn't know about its after effect. They just want some satisfaction by drinking and remove all their stresses of their life. They won't think of how it will affect them in the future. Teenage is the starting for all the drunkards. Friends do provoke everyone and destroy others life.

    So it is the responsibility of authorities and all the active members of Kerala to fight against this and bring a Kerala with bright future.

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