Dileep Says Meenakshi Doesn't Have a Facebook Page

Read about Malayalam actor Dileep's announcement revealing the truth about his daughter Meenakshi's Facebook page. Dileep said that all the Facebook pages in the name of Meenakshi are fake. He also said that he has no other social media accounts except his Facebook page.

Actor Dileep has come out saying that his daughter Meenakshi does not have any Facebook page. He said that all the Facebook pages in his daughters name are fake ones. The truth was revealed through the official facebook page of the actor on Thursday.
The popular actor of Malayalam Cinema also posted that his Facebook page is the only social media account he operates. It was in reference to the Twitter account that has been claimed as the official account of Dileep.

There have been a number of Facebook pages in the name of Meenakshi for some time. But it was on tuesday, the facebook page claiming to be the official page of Meenakshi came into existence.

The page became instantly popular, especially among many fans of Dileep. Many were still suspicious of the news, as Meenakshi had always kept a low profile.

Anyway, in addition to the Dileep fans, the print and the broadcating media also gave the news great importance. The facebook page featured a few photographs of Dileep and his daughter and noticeably, it had no mention of Manju Warrier, Meenakshi's mother. Till now, the page has garnered more than thirty four thousand likes.

For quite a few months Dileep and his family has been under constant scrutiny of the media and the fanworld alike. The separation of Dileep and Manju and the return of Manju to the cinema world were reported with high newsvalue. There have been also rumours about the approaching marriage of the actor with Kavya Madhavan. But these rumours were laughed off by the actor and people close to him.

Dileep and Manju are very active in the film industry now. Dileep's Ringmaster is running successfully whereas Manju's comeback movie 'How Old Are You' is getting ready to hit the theatres in a few days. Manju Warrier's Facebook page is also one of the most popular pages by Malayalees on the social media site.

However, with the revelation of Dileep, the hype about Meenakshi's Facebook page is likely to die down soon.