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    Loksabha election and Kerala's performance

    The General election to the Loksabha was held in Kerala on 10th of April, 2014. The counting took place today, 16th May. The results are out. Out of the total twenty seats 12 seats have gone to the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the remaining 8 seats to Left Democratic Front (LDF). In the 2009 election these seats were shared by the two fronts as 16 and 4 respectively. So the net gain is to the LDF. They have doubled their number.

    it is to be noted the introduction of NOTA has been made use of by a good number voters. In Kerala a total of 2,10,055 votes have been scored by NOTA in the State. Maximum NOTA votes are in Malappuram constituency (21,829), and the minimum in Thiruvananthapuram (3,287).

    Aam Admi Party could not gain much in Kerala. A total of 2,55,076 votes have gone to their share from this State. Highest number of votes among their candidates have scored by the candidate of Ernakulam constituency, Anitha Prathap (a journalist), 51,577.
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    Modi wave sweeps India.
    But Kerala bucks national trend.
    Can Keralites get enough representation in Modi Ministry?
    What will be the Modi Ministry's approach towards left/right people of Kerala?
    Can we get enough support from centre?

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    It is fact that Kerala could not send a member to Loksabha in BJP ticket. But, what I feel is that the Modi ministry will find some representations from Kerala. Last time when the NDA came to power Kerala got a Minister. Mr.Rajagopal was a mminister (deputy) in charge of Railways. This time also rumour is there that people like Metro man Sridhar, Rajagopal, Alphons Kannanthanam, etc. may be considered while selecting ministers.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Appointing technocrats like Mr E Sridharan and giving a free hand to them to run the affairs will make wonders.
    If that is the case we can expect good days ahead.

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    The UDF in Kerala arrested the trend of a 'Modi wave' found elsewhere in India. Though the BJP and the Media were trumpeting of a 'Modi wave', for me it was a trend of anti UPA feelings which reflected in the just concluded elections. The UPA 2 after a year were taken unaware of publicity on alleged scandals/scams where even the authorities like CAG joining issue against UPA. While the UPA caught napping the opposition, mainly the BJP took full advantage and got maximum publicity for themselves by their strategies of stalling the proceedings in parliament for almost about 4 years creating an impression of paralysis in Governance and making this as one of the main issues. Another factor for the outcome of the election is the frequent raising of petroleum products. One more factor is the price rise of essential commodities where the Govt did nothing to ease the situation. Yet another factor was the arrogance and improper statements of ministers on vital issues like price rise, inflation etc. One more factor is that there was no communication between the Govt and the people, may be the concerned might have taken the idiom 'Silence is Golden' literally. The contradictory statements of ministers contributed along with the immature statements of the possible PM candidate of UPA. In spite of all these advantages to opposition, the ruling UDF of Kerala could stem the tide to some extent and the LDF miserably failed in to take advantage of the situation for their benefits. On feature which is a standalone one is that the so called Mod wave could not bring even the longtime, sincere activist of the party, Sri O Rajagopalan victorious in the elections.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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