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    New color code for school buses

    New color code
    There is a central notification to change the color of school buses from cream yellow to golden yellow. Also, auto rickshaw color to be changed to yellow from black. This change is to bring more visibility during rainy/foggy weather.
    Do you think this color change can reduce accidents?
    The golden yellow may fade to cream yellow after sometime. Instead of making cosmetic changes, authorities should check the fitness of the vehicle, provision of emergency doors and the credentials of the drivers thoroughly.
    Any thoughts..?
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    You are absolutely right. There is no much use by changing vehicles colour. The first and foremost thing that has to be done is on vehicle's performance. It vehicles are not in proper condition then chances of accidents are more. Its true that vehicle's colour does matter but not to an extent.

    Authorities should bring up some strict rules and regulations that every such vehicles should be serviced and properly maintained to reduce the risk of accidents. Drivers should be assigned only to those people who are highly skilled and have great experience in this field. Hope some good decisions will be put forward in future by the government.

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    The author the issue of changing the vehicle colour possibly because of security issues and safety of the school children.
    I believed the issue is not relevant to security matter but the security of these children or students are in the hands of the school management, the bus drivers, and the parents.

    Adesola Adeyeye

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