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    Weathering - agents and types

    Weathering is the process of disentagration of rocks by physical and chemocal process results in the formation of soil. Agents causes weathering are rain, temperature, organisms, wind etc.Weathering process can be classified in to physical and chemical process.
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    Breaking down and decay of rocks in response to changes in surrounding physical and chemical conditions is known as "Weathering". It occurs at or near the surface ultimately produces soil. Most of the rocks originally formed at several kilometres below the surface of earth. Minerals present in these rocks are stable at this pressure, temperature, condition. The original minerals present in the rock become unstable at the surface pressure conditions and they alter to a set of more stable minerals and oxide.

    At the surface the rocks are kept open to the atmospheric gases and water. This further adds to the formation of rocks. Atmospheric conditions vary with season which is another factor that causes weathering.

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