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    What is generally New Generation Films in Kerala?

    The reason to post this is that most of the films directed by new generation directors are using a large number of uncivil words and in every film there are an average of 10 beep sounds.Although they are hit they are influencing viewers to use uncivil words in their casual talks and that may spoil our distinct culture.
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    Hi Allen, happy to see you in spiderkerala. I really join to your statement.New generation film use uncivil words which spoil our culture.

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    Films are always a fantasy for all the people. It brings a cheer in us, makes us laughout loud, teaches us about life, and even guides us in the right track. But some film directors have changed the style of their presentation. More horrifying acts with rude words are used in most of the movies released lately. This will buildup a negative mindset in us and will act as such. Thus its our responsibility to grasp the useful and enjoying scenes from such movies. Parents should also notice whether their children gets addicted in films because there are many aspects which can influence a students career. Otherwise its okay to see film and it even brings a relief in our stressful life. Be happy. Cheers.

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    Hi Allen, i think it is true what you have said here. Today uncivil words with negative meanings has been used in almost all films here. It does not stop here. Most people would learn these uncivil words from these negative new generation films. The children are more prone to this. They would try these words in our society and it is sure to have a drastic effect. Also people have their own film stars. So they would try to imitate these stars by saying whatever uncivil words these film stars use in films. Thus in other words the new generation films has lead to a complete change of our society.

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