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    Vikramadithyan : Movie Review

    Vikramadithyan is a family entertainer,co-produced and directed by Lal Jose. Dulquer Salman,Namitha Promod and Unni Mukundan plays the lead role. The film was released on 25 july in more than 300 screens, which is a highest opening for a malayalam movie.

    Vikramadithyan Movie Poster


    A police women Lakshmi wants to marry a Policeman. A thief Kunjunni accedentially hear about it, and married Lakshmi after addressing her, he is also a police officer. Later Lakshmi came to know that she was cheated by Kunjunni. At the same time a Policeman Vasudeva shenoy also wants to marry her, But Vasudeva Shenoy's mother didn't like their relationship,when he got the permission from his mother it is too late.Later Lakshmi give birth to Adithyan and at the same time Vikraman was born as Vasudeva Shenoy's son. Both of them grown up together. They have a common friend Deepika pie, daughter of Dr Ramanatha pie. Later Kunjunni was caught by Shenoy after commiting a theft. This made Adithyan very depressed since he told his friends that his father is also a police officer. When Kunjunni hears that he is not wanted in his family he commit suiside. Adithyan was a lazy boy but brilliant and Vikraman is more diciplined guy.Deepika likes Adithyan and tells him that she will marry him if he became a police officer. Adithyan and Vikraman wants to become a police officer and both of them passes the exam and the tests. Vasudeva shenoy did not like adithyan to become a police officer and he tries to arrest him in a drug case. But Vikraman helps Adithyan to escape from that. But Adithyan misses the interview, in spite of that he run away from home. Then he meets Lokesh in a train while he tries to suiside, Lokesh helps him to continue his studies and both of them passes civil service exam. After that Adithyan came back to his home. But noboby knows about his new job. Vikraman wants to marry Deepika and she also agree that. As Vikraman joins as a police officer and his father's retires on the same day.In that occasion Lokesh comes and reveal Adithyan's job. When Vikraman knows about this he tells Depika to go with him.


    Dulquer Salman as Adithyan
    Unni Mukundan as Vikraman
    Namitha Promod as Deepika pie
    Lena as Lakshmi
    Anoop Menon as Vasudeva Shenoy
    Santhosh Keezhattoor as Kunjunni
    Nivin Pauli as Lokesh


    This film is directed by Lal Jose and Produced by Lal Jose and Mohan Nambiar.The screenplay is by Iqbal Kuttippuram, Jomon T. John handles the cinematography, and the editing is by Ranjan Abraham. The music is composed by Bijibal.


    This is movie is about Love,hate and Friendship. Dulquer Salmaan looks great as Adithyan, Unni Mukundan perfectly plays the handsome, hardworking Vikraman, who is an ideal youngster in everyone's eyes. Namitha Pramod looks beautiful on screen and completely fits into heroine role. It is Anoop Menon, who surprises the audience with his perfomance as Vasudev Shenoy, a failed lover and a protective father. Lena completely lives her role of a widowed mother Lakshmi. Santhosh Keezhattoor does complete justice to his role. Nivin Pauly was also good with his cameo role as lokesh. Overall it is a decent entertainer 3/5.
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