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    Technology- boon or bane for children

    We know that we are living in a large world full of technologies and it is also improving day by day. In other words it is the children who are getting more access to the technology. Technology has caused wonders by creating computers, mobiles and several other things which had made the lives of the children happier and much more enjoyable. And now the question that arises here is whether these are good for children.

    In my opinion it is know as these technologies such as mobiles emits out a large amount of radiation. This radiation is very bad for all human beings. It is adversely affected in children. Children has a brain which is undergoing development and this brain is much more sensitive. So the children get affected greatly by the radiation from these mobiles. These can result to brain tumours and cancer. Thus this technology is indeed bad for children since it can cause many problems in them.

    This is just my opinion. All of the members can give me their point of view about this topic.
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    Technology is a boon or bane is a topic that needs trukloads of debate. There are manyy advantages at the same time as we say that every coin has two faces in the same way there are darker sides to the implimentation of technology. We are in a world were every day a new height is reached in terms of technology. This revolution in the world of technology has greater impacts on children. Parents should see that the resources which they are providing for their siblings are not misused by them. Internet is one of the most wide spread technology that has a lot of impact on our youngsters. It should be properly handleded and care must be given for its proper implimentation on youngsters.

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    Technology is definitely a boon in present life. Almost all the things that you see and use around are the gift of modern technology and we should make the best use of them for the well being of people and modern lifestyles. The invention of computers and mobile phones have created a great era in the field and have even made it easy to access any sort of informations and contact any person across the globe. Thus there is no problem in using all the available technologies if used in the right manner. Best wishes.

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    Thank you all for your various opinions. But i still consider technology surely as a bane for children. I am not able to understand why children should require mobile phones of their own. Today a large number of children are given their own mobile phones by their parents. This technology has lead to an increase use of mobiles among children. These children get addicted to these several applications and games that are provided to all over children. This is time consuming if children are over addicted down to it. The main job of a child is to study what he has been taught. Over use of the technology in children can take away the beneficial time of children. This can lead to several effects down in the future. Thus parents should try to prevent the over use of mobiles and computers until they reach a certain age. In other words everyone here should understand the true fact that technology indeed is a bane for children.


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    Technology is a great boon for children. Comparing with the earlier generations, the present generation is vary much progressed in technological aspects. The influence of technology is in a great extend. There is nothing harm in the technology. All is about how we utilize those technologies. Even the mobile phone, its ok to use mobile phones, no one will have opposition. But over usage and bad usage is the problem. Whatever it is, parents should have a control over the children on that. Not only that, parents should have a control over their children in all matters. Using technological aspects in a good way is a easy way to success.

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    Thank you for your valuable opinion. But i still stick to the fact that today the technology is a bane for children. The over use of technology can lead to several disadvantages in children. Here i would like to oppose some of the points that are given above. The technological modifications has not created much progressions in children but has caused many destructions to their lives by taking away a large amount of time away from them especially when they use mobile phones. This mobile phones creates an addiction in children if they use it even for once. These are therefore very dangerous down to children. Thus the children should avoid using of these mobile phones. But i am not telling that children should never use it. If you are sure that you have the control in its using you can use it for a few periods of time. If you reduce the use of technologies now, it can surely lead you down to a brilliant future.

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