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    Is English language useful to us?

    This must be a question that we must have heard in many parts of our life. I am considering this statement with a supportive mind. I think that English is very important for our future benefits. If we get a job abroad the only means of communicating is through English which is considered as a language known in almost all parts of the world. So to overcome language barriers it is necessary to study English. This does not mean that we should oppress our mother tongue. We can try both languages in our lifetime.
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    Dear friend, I think your opinion is right because English is a language used in most fields of the world and if our language skills are weak we cant get a qualified job we may find it hard to live in the present English dominated modern world. Another misunderstanding with English is that, if we develop our English language that will make us forget our mother tongue and it is absolutely false that a person will never forget their mother tongue also even if he or she never talks their mother tongue.

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    English is a must nowadays......
    -In all field/Stream...English is needed.
    -Interviews...Jobs....communication....everywhere 1 need English...
    - To excel in your field 1 needs to have basic knowledge of English as major role is about knowing 1's profile.

    about mother tongue....
    - It all depends upon 1's what extend they encourage you to learn it...

    English will be taught in school and through your circle but your mother tongue will b learned only when your family members encourage you...
    even if you stay in different state/ can learn your mother tongue if u have your family support.

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