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    Happy birthday to all my Indian friends

    Independent day is a special day in the life and existence of a country. There was a time a country is under the bondage of a colonial master who is not interested in developing the country but all they do is to cart away their resources to a foreign country, leaving the country in abject poverty ...

    India as a country is a great country that the world really recognize her importance to the world growth and economy. As the Indian people celebrate the memorial of their Independent, I wish them great blessing from the God and peace to the country's development. The leaders should remember the past heroes and heroines that really fought for the emancipation of this country.
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    First of all thanks for your wishes sir. This independence day we indians should take some resolutions that will make all indians proud of their country and themselves. Our country has to take some effective steps to remove poverty. When we celebrate the 67 th independence day, there are a lot of people who strive hard to get a day's meal. Another virus that eats our country is corruption that leads to absolute poverty. So we Indians should unite and fight these issues and make our country really independent. And i wish all of you a happy independence day.

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    Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day. We have completed our 67 years after independence and will continue it forever. Our forefathers has fought hard for this current condition of our nation. They were responsible for the freedom of our country 67 years back which many countries have not achieved even now. The condition of our country today is because of them. On every Independence day we should take a pledge for our country that we would even die for our country.

    So we must all develop a love towards our mother India. Make your country proud to host you.


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    I believed the entire citizenry would have used this medium to really looked inward on how to develop the country and also fashioned out ways to reduce crime in the country.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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