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    Your favourite Malayalam comedy movie.

    You may have watched hundreds of Malayalam movies. Among all the movies if asked personally comic films would be my first choice, these makes us laugh a lot. All of you would have in mind the best Malayalam comedy movie you loved watching. Now here is a chance to pour your heart out. You can write about any Malayalam films.

    * While writing use proper spellings and grammar.

    * Write the name of the movie you love as the heading.

    * Write the description below it.

    * The description can include the plot of the story, why you like it even some of its interesting scenes.

    Hope that all will take part in this discussion.
    Thank you.
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    C.I.D Moosa

    My favorite Malayalam comedy film is C.I.D moosa. The film has endless comedy contributed by all the actors and the director brought many of the comedy in the film from his life experiences. Dileep and Jagathy are the key roles in the film which made me laugh out loud. I don't think such a movie can be brought again in Malayalam film industry. The director really deserves huge applause for his unique contribution to the industry. It was also a turning point in Dileep's carrer by proving his ability in doing comedy role. Wishing such a movie to release in future.

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    Mannar Mathai Speaking ( 1995 )

    The Movie is just about 3 people ...their struggle in life and how they go on facing 1 after another problems....Very well written movie...its dialog, Songs....situations....etc...
    1 can sit and go on watching it ......again & again....

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    My favourite Malayalam humour movie is Ramji Rao Speaking which is the beginning series of Mannar Mathai speaking and the last Mannar Mathai speaking 2. Especially i love Mukesh's role who always try to outshine Saikumar's character and Innocent solving their problems.I really love the humorous talk between Vijayaraghavan, as a dacoit and Saikumar when the dacoit asked him to shut his phone tapping equipment and he innocently shuts his zip.

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    My favourite movie is Kilukkam .The film was the highest grossing Malayalam film of 1991, it ran for more than 300-days at the theaters.The natural acting of Mohanlal, Revathy and Jagathy sreekumar brings lot of humourous situations and great chemistry between Mohanlal & Jagathy. Hats off to Priyadarsan & crew

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    My favourite comedy movie in malayalam is In Harihar Nagar. This tells us the story of three friends and several humorous things that happen in their life. Among the four friends i like Jagadish who acts as Appukuttan the most. His humorous actings and hilarious statements has helped a lot to make the film a real hit.

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    My favorite comedy movie in malayalam is ' kakkakuyil'. This is a story of two superstars of malayalam film industry, Mohanlal and Mukesh. The film is full comedy from start to end and tells us about two friends who are eager to make too much money.

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