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    Traditional medicine or modern medicine- Debate

    We have had several debates here in SPK. Now here we have a new debate on a new topic. Traditional medicine are better than modern medicine. Today the world gives us two main genres in medicine itself. These are the traditional and the modern medicines. Now the question is which one do you prefer or which is good.

    * All the members of SPK can participate in this debate.

    * A member can support any one of these and oppose the other.

    * You should give reasons for your opinion.

    * Proper spelling and grammar must be used.

    * In this debate you can oppose others motion too.

    * Write a heading whether you are for or against the motion.

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    I would like to argue against the topic that traditional medicines are better than modern medicines. I think that the modern medicines are far more better than traditional medicines. The point i would like to share here is the fast curing done by the modern medicine. The traditional medicine like ayurveda takes a lot of time for curing. Time has its own values for people. The faster the curing is done, more better it is for human beings. Thus i would promote the usage of modern medicines over traditional medicines. I hope that i would be able to give additional points in my coming statements. So i hope that everyone join this debate. THANK YOU.

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    I don't know what you actually meant. If this is a debate to compare on Ayurvedic medicines and English medicines then Ayurvedic is best. Its because those medicines are naturally prepared and it results in complete cure of disease. But the only disadvantage of these medicine is that it takes longer period to cure while English medicines show rapid result. People mainly use English medicines as they cannot tolerate the after effects of their disease. This may result in quick cure but it cannot eradicate the disease permanently. Thus the best way is to consult an Ayurvedic doctor and find out a permanent cure for the disease. Best wishes.

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    Please make the topic of your debate more clear and jose we never urge others to oppose our views in a debate our success depends on how we could attract others to our views and topic.

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    Thank you Cijo for your valuable opinions and thank you Febin for your suggestion. I now too stick down to my view. Modern medicines or English medicines are better to use than traditional medicines such as ayurveda. It is true that ayurveda and other traditional medicines are derived from nature. These traditional medicines were prepared during the ancient era. Much of the ayurveda which was known then is lost today. It is said that 75 percent of the total ayurveda medicines and the techniques to prepare them are lost today. So these traditional medicines can only give you a 50-50 chance for curing. Thus english medicines which is created by technology is scientifically proven to work better in present situation. Also the modern medicines provide relief from the symptoms of a disease. This is because they focus on healing these symptoms faster rather than eradicating the disease at a much slower rate. Modern medicine and technology has together given several techniques by which even harsh diseases can be treated. In other words, modern medicing is a growing sector while the tradittional medicine is a declining one. Thus if we give more support to this it can indeed create miracles in the future.

    Thank you.

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