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    'Child Labour - Good or Bad' -What do you think of it?

    We must have all heard of child labour as one of the major problems faced by India. Now here is a chance for you to explain your ideas regarding. Today the most frequent exploitation faced by the child is by making them do very harsh jobs. Today the child labour is being reported in several parts of India. Now it is your chance to give your opinions. While writing please try to answer these few questions..........

    * Describe about child labour?

    * Are you for or against the child labour? Give reasons.

    * Have you witnessed child labour? If yes give us a short description if you are willing.

    * What we should do to prevent this if you are against it?


    THANK YOU.........
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    I am wondering how child labour can be considered as boon. Child labour should be banned and strict measures should be implemented against this. I strongly believe this is the suggestion of almost all the people. Children are to be educated and they can complaint against those aged below 15 who force them to do harsh works. They are the future and should be given full freedom to bring something beneficial for the society. As an active citizen we should act against this for building a better world.

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    Children are forced to do works because of their economic and other circumstances. Government should put forward certain measures for children to stay and study. Hostel and food facilities should be provided for those who are too poor and unable to go on with their school life because of their situations.

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    Cannot say 100% its bad.....
    There are many who take up working due to their financial / Family problem......Some run from home and do it.....Some due to force....some due to study......
    There should be proper law made so that it can be prevented......but yes there too lies a draw back....what if the child himself says that he would like to work.....

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    I am of the opinion that child labour is 100 percent bad. It is the conditions that make a child to say that he would like to work. Varghese has said above that it is many financial problems that make him do work. The government should try to help this homeless children by giving them education which is one of their right. Thus if the government is ready to make up a healthy attitude towards children child labour can be eradicated.


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    India, an IT giant and the world's second-fastest growing major economy, has millions of Rajus: all under 14 years of age, some as young as 4 or 5, and all toiling hard just to get a square meal to keep body and soul from parting company. Child labor is a dagger through India's soul. The country has the dubious distinction of being home to the largest child labor force in the world, with an estimated 30 percent of the world's working kids living here.

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