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    Kerala: between liquor and policy…!

    Kerala: between liquor and policy…!
    Recently, we have noticed a strong political will to reduce the availability of liquor in the market which is considered to be a welcome change. On March 31this year,when the annual renewal of license come for 752 bars Govt has renewed only 334 bar licenses,418 bars remained shut citing the unhealthy conditions . As a result, crime rate and other social evils are reduced considerably.
    In absence of liquor policy, bar owners challenged the decision in court of closing of selected bar hotels and court directed the Govt to come with clear policy to deliver the verdict.
    The catch of the issue is revenue from the sale of liquor. Will the Govt be able to discard Rs 8000 crores revenue by drafting the policy of gradual implementation of total prohibition? Or go with the cash ignoring the public health? We have to wait…!
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    Consumption of alchohol has been decreased after the closing of 418 bars. This was a great move from the kerala government. There are some opposing voice raising against this, but government should go forward and those bars should be remain closed. Step by step alchohol should be banned from our society.

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    Consumption of alcohol will decrease or not that's a whole different topic. One of the main concerns should be the amount of revenue that the government gets by the tax on liquor will be decreased exponentially. In such situation the deficit finance will have to be increased. Which would result in lots of complications. So while looking into a particular topic we must consider both sides of the coin.

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