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    The festival of Kerala, Onam is here

    Much awaited festival of Kerala is already in front of the houses of Keralaites. The rush at different shops are already on. Shopkeepers have started announcing big offers to attract people.

    At the same time items which one need for arranging an Onam feast are showing high prices. Vegetables in general and the banana, which is a must for Onam, in particular are sold at very high prices. Ordinary people may not be in a position to celebrate Onam since it will be very costly for them.

    In Kerala another problem is the transportation. No road in Kochi city is motorable, even after much announcements have come from people including ministers that this issue will be solved soon.
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    That's a common every year at the brim of festive season. Yes it is a dire situation for the poor who are not able to have a normal festive season. The government and the society as a whole should take initiative to let the poor too have a cup of joy at this festive season.

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    Common man is struggling with the increase in price for FMCGs as well as other items also. The steps made by the governments are not adequate to solve the problem. Eventhough it is difficult to manage these situations, Keralites will celebrate Onam with whatever they have.

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    True, this year people will be finding it difficult to adjust for Onam days. All the essentials have become costlier. Especially the banana, which is an unavoidable item for Onam feast, has become so costly even a month back. Rice and vegetables are also costing too much.
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    Banana price will increase more and may reach almost 80 rs/kg by the eve of thiruvonam day. Not only this coconut price is increasing and is 35-40 rs/kg. It may also increase. In total, all needed items for onam sadhya is highly expensive. But old people says, 'kaanam vittum onam unnanam'. So Keralites do the same. But there are also people who have no ways to do that. Government neethi stores are not working effectively. Onam special consumer fed markets are not effective to solve this issue. Government have to take quick action as the onam days are not far.

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