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    Kerala Liqour Policy Modified

    Kerala government has modified the liquor policy. Strong decisions are taken by the Kerala government in order to ban alcohol step by step. Government policy is to slow down the usage of alcohol by decreasing the availability of alcohol. Go through the article to know more about the government decisions.

    Kerala government has taken many decisions regarding the liquor policy. The major decisions are as follows

    1. 418 bars which are already closed will not be reopened.
    2. Three star and four star bars also will be closed. So 312 bars will be closed.
    3. Sundays will be dry day. Liquor will not be available on Sundays.
    4. No more beverages outlet will be given sanction.
    4. 10 percentage of beverages outlets will be closed every year.
    5. Five star hotels only will be getting bar licence.

    These are the major decisions taken by the government. These decisions will be coming into existence from 2015 April 1st onwards. The government is planning for a complete ban of liquor within 10 years.

    There were so many disputes going on regarding the 418 bars which are already closed. Even though government has taken a strong decision to ban more bars and steps to decrease the availability of liquor. Bar owners had filed petition against the closing of their bars. case is going on in the high court.

    Alcohol consumption is one of the major problem existing in the society. People who are drunk is making problems for their family and also for the society also. In a channel survey people who are consuming alcohol is having the opinion that they are drinking because they are getting liquor. If it is banned then they will be stopping their alcohol consumption. So decreasing the availability of liquor is the best way for decreasing the alcohol consumption.

    Government has taken these major decisions, but if it came into existence there will be a chance for the rise up of fake alcohol. Fake alcohol is too dangerous. So government has to take strict actions in order to avoid the usage of fake alcohol also. Otherwise it will be a huge threat for the society.
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    We all are happy for getting Govt out from the booze business.
    But, the implementation of the policy will be painful as far as the economy is concerned. Approximately 5500 workers remain jobless in Kochi alone. Finding alternate jobs for these highly paid uneducated workers is difficult. They have to be rehabilitated. It is estimated that Govt will be poorer by 20% by this policy threatening investment in various projects, forcing to explore alternate source of revenue. Enforcement to be strenghthened.The use of drugs and other toxic substances will increase

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