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    Are school homeworks necessary for children - Open debate

    We know that children are given various school homeworks during their holidays. This is a practice that is done in almost all schools in Kerala. Now the question is whether you consider these necessary for children. Many people today urge for the decrease in the homework provided for children while many others support this. What do you think of school homeworks? Are they necessary for children? Lets evaluate both sides of the coin. Do give your opinions below. Also specify whether you are for or against the motion.

    For the motion

    - School homeworks are necessary.

    Against the motion

    - They are not necessary.
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    School home work are necessary for children. Children have to study and do the work from home. They should develop their skills and abilities. for that, practicing from home is also necessary. Only the education provided from the school is not enough. Even though Success percentage in results are increasing,the quality of education is not increasing that much. The school time is not enough for a student to complete his study. Proper studying and work outs from home is also essential.

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    I am of the opinion that the school homeworks are necessary for children. The main objective of a child is to study and this can only be achieved with the help of homeworks. The homeworks helps revising the topics the child has studied during the previous days. It can increase the efficiency of studies among children. For example if a child does a problem or question more than once he would be able to study it. This is the major goal of homeworks. Today a large number of homeworks are given to children during holidays and vacations. Many are against this practise. This is because they just believe that the vacations are a time of enjoyment and not studies. But these children should try to understand that it is they themselves who are benefitting from it. Thus love homeworks and consider it as a blessing. Thank you

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    School home works are indeed very much necessary for students, but care should be taken that theses home works do not turn into a burden for the students. If home works are not given then thoses students who are weak in studies will not even care to open there books after going home. Theses homework keep them in touch with studies and related aspects. Homeworks are a negative aspect when it is given in excess. This will cause unwanted stress in children and they will not get time for themself or their own cultivation of artistic talents.

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