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    Liquor policy and its loopholes: Open Discussion

    This onam season there will be a tremendous down stroll in the consumption of alcohol across the state due to the implementation of the liquor policy by the government of Kerala. But a different side of the story is that now the nearby districts of Kerala, have increased there number of liquor shops. Near the check posts of Kerala land is being sold about two to three times its original rate and this transaction is only targeted for opening new liquor shops. This would ultimately hinder or to say will be a set back for the objectives for which the liquor policy was implemented. I request all members to put up their views regarding this.
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    The liquor policy Kerala has made is beneficial down to all people of Kerala. The liquor as we all know is very bad for a human being. It can create a sense of addiction in the minds of the people. Drinking it once would tempt people to drink it again and again. The consumption of liquor not only affect the life of the person who drinks but also affects the whole family of that person. But we have seen that several liquor shops are being emerged down in the borders of Kerala, this is a setback to the policy. This shows the necessity of such a policy throughout the country. Whole of India should put out a similar policy then only it would be able to solve this problem. Let us hope that such a policy arrives soon in our country.

    Thank you.

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