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    Ebola virus tracked in Kerala - Locals now in threat

    Ebola virus disease is a humans affected disease affected by ebola viruses. After the first attack by the virus its symptoms arise within two or three hours having sour throat, muscular damage causing pain, diarrhea, vomiting, sever headache and lack of functioning of kidney and liver. Thus internal and external bleedings finally leads to sudden death of the person. According to WHO, a total of 1900 patients have died due to this virus and 3500 are reported as infected in West African Counties.

    This Ebola virus have lately been tracked in many parts of India including Kerala. From last 24 hours a total of 15 people arrived to Kerala from affected places (Kochi - 11 and Trivandrum - 4). Doctors and other specialists are pulling their breath out to find a solution to this and affected are to be isolated.
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    Ebola is one of the deadliest disease in the modern world. Fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches are some of the symptoms of this disease which is observed much before it. This ebola virus is mainly coming from animals and are spreading through various means. It damages the immune system of our body which makes new and new diseases to be affected down to that person. Now can you believe that this fast spreading disease has even reached Kerala? It is true. This disease is mainly spread due to people travelling from one place to another. They bring these virus along with them and affect their whole community. We should take several measures to stop this disease. We as a community should try to find out the people who are suffering from this disease and give them treatment. Also various preventive measures should also be taken by us against this disease. Thus let us hope for the best that we would be able to eradicate this disease from the world.

    Thank you.

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