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    Hike in vegetable price during Onam 2014

    2014 Onam is about to rap up with prosperous and happy men around. But the vegetable market seems to be disappointing to malayali buyers. A huge hike in price of vegetable made the ordinary people disheartened. They wished to make this year's Onam a memorable one but all was in vain. Cost of the essential vegetables like tomato, beans, etc has ended up simply being a dream to make Onasadhya. Buyers pointed out the inefficiency of government as the reason for this enormous rise in price of vegetables. So suggest your oppinion on how you values this issue.
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    I had a good alternative to the hike in vegetable price. Cultivate the needy vegetables in our kitchen garden with organic farming. Those who don't own one cent of land, the organic vegetable garden grown on terrace is a good idea inspired from the malayalam movie 'How Old Are You' starring Manju Warrior. It's good to eat fresh vegetables without any harmful chemicals. We can avoid hospital expenses for the diseases created by the vegetables bought from the market. Instead of spending money in hospitals we can invest it on the cultivation of organic vegetables in our kitchen garden or in terrace. From the next onam onward's people were going to eat fresh vegetables.

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