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    Censoring in Malayalam TV Channels - Is it Needed?

    Censoring in Malayalam TV Channels - Should it be Needed? Group Discussion. Now a days we find lot of censoring in films, each and every point in films are checked and verified very carefully and many contents are deleted according to the rules of the censor board. But why is there no censoring in TV shows are serials.

    There are censor board present but now a days in TV serials we find women character mainly mother in law is portrayed as a hitler so this is creating a negative impact for family life. So do pay heed to this and discuss this matter and suggest some measures or your views.
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    Day by day different varieties of shows are telecasting in Malayalam channels. Last year, we watched a program called 'Malayalee house' and this idea is copied from Hindi show called 'Big Boss'. Malayalee house creates many controversial subjects and show can't watch with a family. They use abusive language. In the case of serials, it shows family problems with exaggerating the minor events. Watching television programs are a waste of time. Try to watch more informative shows and now a days we can't watch news channels also. They were simply over exaggerating simple issues and try to make some controversies. All the people from 6pm-11pm sitting in front of the idiot box. In my opinion censoring in Malayalam TV Channels should be needed.

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    We, Indians have greatest freedom and personal liberty compared with other countries of the world. Personally, I feel these high freedom and liberty on account of liberalization are responsible for moral degradation in society.
    Earlier days Media was under the state control and it had certain rules and regulation for running it. Post liberalization state is controlled by media.
    A study conducted on the impact of television commercials on moral behavior of Indian viewers reveals that it undermines value system, promote materialism, negatively influence human behavior, giving misleading information, do not respect integrity of culture, negatively affect family ties, etc.
    Now, it is not practical to reverse the liberalization of mass media. The need of the hour is that the business houses controlling these channels should build moral values and ethical considerations into their public communications. They should be pro social and balance between bottom line and welfare of public at large.
    The administration should act firmly if unethical practices are following by the business houses.

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    Censoring in Malayalam film is very essential nowadays because currently our culture and way of acting in big screens have drastically changed. No wonder why censor board is now imposing strict rules and regulations. As the films are viewed by all age groups, its essential to cut the unwanted and other scenes which impart a negative impression in minds of malayalies.

    If we take serials into consideration then portraying mother in law as a negative character is not to be censored in my view because those are the actual issues seen in many houses. By watching such serials it will definitely make some awareness in minds of the women and her mother in law and thereby injects the medicine for happiness in their lives. Similarly many reality shows are being shown and its impractical to cut some portions of it as it name is so. But it doesn't mean that censoring is not done in these. Unwanted visuals are being eliminated by the authorities of the show and that the reason why most of malayalies still supports to those shown.

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