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    Nelliampathy a typical spot for tourists

    Despite its recent emergence as one among the very few hill stations in South India with a tranquil and serene atmosphere, Nelliampathy now is a disappointment for most of its visiting tourists because of the lack of entry into the major tourism spots of this plantation country developed by the British in the nineteenth century.

    Though access to them would not make any serious impact on the environmental balance of the hills, key attractions like Manpara, Govindamala, Karathuri Hill Top, Victoria Church Hill and Valakkundu waterfalls remain out of bound for visitors for the last two years due to the indifference of the Forest Department and the attitude of the plantation companies.Even in areas where access is permitted by the Forest Department, access roads are only through private roads.Lack of access prevented tourists from enjoying its original beauty.
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    Yes, Nelliampathy is one of the best tourist spot in Kerala. I have visited that place once in my life. It was a few years back. The sceneries from the hilltop are all the beauties of our God's own country. So when you are going for a tour next time head straight down to this place and you will never forget the experience you had here.

    Thank you.

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