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    90 shobhayathra's in Vadakara

    90 shobhayathra's are organised by Balagokulam district council Vadakara in accordance with Sree Krishna Jayanthi celebration.So its gonna be a great experience for the viewers than past years.So don't miss it.
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    Sayooj, it's nice to see a new member so actively taking part in forums. At this juncture I would like to inform you about some tips on forum writing. This section is also a core domain of SPK do not think that articles are the only domain which draws readers. So while posting in forums try being more descriptive, and take topics that could be discussed and if you are choosing a self descriptive topic try elaborating it more. You could opt for recent news or any upcoming events etc that could effectively draw readers. Only posting forums are not enough one must also take part in discussions conducted by other members. So I sign out by wishing you All The Best.

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    Thanks for the tips, i will try to choose to topics as you described.i like your way of presenting instructions in friendly mood.This attitude make me more attached to Spider Kerala.So its time to think about topics which where optimum for discussion.

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