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    Is the Kerala liquor prohibition movement reliable?

    Kerala Government liquor prohibition policy is a great movement by V.M.Sudheeran. It can be considered as one of the greatest movement held in Kerala's history.But the question arises on its reliability.Five star bars ,Wine shops and Beer parlors are allowed so their is a chance to came these back by polishing law points with Gandhi notes. Kerala bar owners association have much powerful group which can modify the laws. Fund fluctuations may be the key point that they may put forward to get Bars back.Whats you think about the reliability of this great movement?
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    The Kerala liquor prohibition policy was a great step taken by the government of Kerala in adding to the welfare of the people. Today the bars has become somewhat a home down to all the people of Kerala. They spent most of their time and a large number of income in these bars. These bars destroy the lives of the people if people are addicted down to this. So this is a time when a similar policy is required. I think it would be reliable as this policy has a support of large number of people mainly women and children. Thus we can hope that this policy improves the economy of Kerala and also brings out a new life to people down in Kerala.

    Thank you.

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    I also support the points of Jose but still there are some drawbacks.Prohibition leads to the increased availabity of fake and low quality spirit and it can prove danger.And homes can turn into mini bars. So also with the implementation of the liqour prohibition, try to consider these points.

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    The liquor prohibition program of the Kerala Sarkar has to be lauded by all. Though at present it appears to be partial in the sense that Five star bars ,Wine shops and Beer parlors are allowed let us hope that the program becomes success and is extended to cover all. The main menace of the drinking habit is affecting the poor and the lower middle class more strongly. So the prohibition which covers this section is welcome at the moment. This when properly implemented will be a boon for the families of the poor and lower middle class. The Government is side by side trying to introduce the 'Neera Drink' scheme which will help those involved in liquor brewing business. This drink being natural one is like the tender coconut is much better for health than the artificial soft drinks being consumed by the public.

    The main ministry affected by this policy, the Finance Ministry has welcome this step inspire of considerable loss of revenue which is a welcome feature. With all these let us hope the prohibition works out to the objective for which it is introduced. Let us hope the Govt is also monitoring the policy with periodical follow ups that may be necessary.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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