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    Questions regarding contests

    When will be the next contest like quiz or like big question. Can u please answer me. I am eager to participate in such types of contests. One suggestion by me is that many problems relating to kerala should not only be discussed but should also try to find a solution wherever possible. Can SpiderKerala take the necessary steps?
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    It will be decided by the web master. Thanks for your suggestion, SPK appreciates it, it is duly noted. At present try focusing on posting forums and articles that are relevant, and which is currently the trend of the site. Farewell.

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    I appreciate your activeness shown towards spiderkerala. SPK is now not providing such contests as there are very few members who are active here and there is no point in putting up such contests with 2 or 3 members. So if you could bring more members whom you know to spiderkerala and are willing to contribute sincerely then we could think about the suggestion that you put forward here. "The Big Question" was a great event introduced by our webmaster so as to uplift the SPK forum section. It turned out to be successful but gradually lacked participation of our member. I hope you understand what i meant. So keep up the good job and try to make my opinion practical. Best wishes.

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