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    Peermedu-the heart of Idukki

    An ideal tourist place should provide happiness for all types of tourists, whether they are adventure type, nature lovers or both. Peermedu is a place where all types of tourists can come and enjoy. Peermedu offers a wide range of activities that they would like. Read this article to know more about the place.
    Peermedu is a plantation town that derives its name from Peer Mohammed, a famous Sufi saint and a family friend of the royal family of Travancore. Peermedu is located about 915-1100 m above the sea level and experiences a cool and moderate temperature of 13⁰C - 24⁰C. The place receives an average rainfall of 2500 mm every year. The sight of the tea, coffee and cardamom plantation with lush green meadows, rocks and moist covered hilltops is worth an experience. The trekking trails add to the beauty of this ideal landscape. The summer palace and the colonial residence depict the royal status of the place. The summer residence is now converted into government guest house under the department of tourism to offer guests a more comfortable accommodation.
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    This is indeed an informative thread about Peerumed located in Idukki and i would love to visit this place. Hopefully i could spend some of my time to enjoy this beauty. I bet it will turn out to be one among our best trips in the place.

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    Peermedu is indeed the heart of Idukki. The place is enchanted with unmatched and unparalleled beauty of the mother nature. The mere sight of the greenery and the feel of the freshness fills our mind with jubilation. I had once been to the place in my childhood and but still now the elegance and exquisiteness of the place is fresh in my mind.

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