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    Kerala H C Slaps bar owners

    The Kerala High Court gave its verdict on the petition filed by liquor lobbies against the Kerala Government's decision on its liquor policy. The verdict accepted the contention of the State with a minor modification. The modification is to exempt the four-star and heritage bar hotels from the ban. In other words these 2 categories of liquor venders are treated on par with that of five-star bar hotels and government-run retail outlets.

    The verdict is on petitions filed by two and three-star hotels as well as unclassified bar hotels. The exemption to four-star bar hotels and heritage hotels is on the basis of the recommendation of the one-man commission report. The Commission was appointed by the Government and the Govt accepted all recommendations except that in respect of four-star and heritage bar hotels. The Govt did not reject this recommendation while framing the policy.

    It is to be noted that at the moment it is only a temporary set back for the bar owners affected as they are most probably going to challenge this verdict in SC. The SC had earlier directed the Government to withhold the implementation till the HC clears the case and directed the HC to clear the case as fast as possible. Since the HC would have taken into account the possible opinion of the SC, no change may be expected.

    It is a good start by the UDF Government. The women of the state may find great relief as they need not undergo the miseries created by the drinking habit of their male members of the house. The men folks not only do not give any money to family upkeep, but also force the women to given them money for the drinks. This also may help the health status to improve in the State. Let us hope that the Govt will extend this prohibition policy to the logical end and take care of the possible loopholes likely to be found while implementing the scheme.
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    Let us hope this is a good beginning. Slowly the other bars also has to be closed and no public place must be made available for 'drinking' purposes. Naturally the Government outlet of supplying liquor also must be closed, that is the beverage corporation outlets. Still the local breweries in rural areas will become more active and unlawful preparation of arracks or other liquor forms will be spread. Govt. will have to be more vigilant.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    The high court should also give ban on accepting bribery. Now we are in a dilemma because we don't know whom to believe. The bar owners seem to be better than the government. When I was watching the news yesterday I felt disgusted. The allegation may be right or wrong but it is the common people who face the consequences at last. When common people are happy at the closure of the bars,here comes the allegation of bribery. Now we are in a position between devil and deep sea. I don't intend to hurt anyone but our belief in everything including government is decreasing when we hear such news. India will progress only if such allegations are avoided and a belief on the government is embedded in the minds of we common people.

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    There is no point or purpose of ban order on bribes by courts. Taking and giving bribe is illegal and punishable, if caught, throughout the world. However, bribe is a part of our system in the whole world. Many leaders had to resign from positions after getting caught. As long as the present social system of having more value for money and materials continue, greed for the same will continue and the bribe along with other undesirable practices will continue to exist. The (unfortunate) ones who get caught get punishment, while the overwhelming majority enjoy the fruits of bribe.

    As you said no one will know whether there is any truth in the allegations of bribes. If there is any truth in such allegations, only the giver and taker will know. It need not be in money only but can be services provided free also. Bribery allegation on political leaders and social leaders are bound to be there for settling score with the opponents. However, the Bar bribery case may be a conspiracy by various political parties/groups for settling scores with the opposite camps.

    If you had gone through the statements of the 2 accusers from the Bar Association side, they have changed their earlier stands. So as you said we will not know as to who is telling truth or false.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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