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    Do you support 'Kiss of Love'?

    Kiss of Love is supposed to be a protest program to protest a recent attack by Yuva Morcha activists inside a cafe in Kozhikode. There is a say in Malayalam that "Ammaye Thalliyalum Randudu Paksham". If in respect of the mother this is the position, on other matters we can imagine the plethora of opinions/arguments. I am throwing this issue of Kiss of Love program for discussion on this forum. There can be several points to substantiate whichever view one takes up. For example those who support the kissing may say that kissing in many advanced countries is a practice like the hugging of some countries or hand shakes of some others. Those who oppose may point out whether kissing is done with the same sex, except the lesbians or gays? Just as every country follow their tradition we should follow ours. Let us have an enlightened debate.
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    India is a democratic country, and each and every one of us have right to express his or her feeling. It is a pity situation that when something like this is being organised there is so much of restrictions against it. If the boy and the girl who are indulging in the protest have no complain then why are we to bother. Every one has the right to protest, so i personally have no objection against "kiss of love".

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    I am totally against this protest as this activity is making a red mark in our culture. The aspect which makes us special from others is that we have the best culture across the world in my opinion and i think this is coming to an end. All these activities should be banned and definite punishments should be given to those who violates the rule.

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    The question whether we follow our culture and tradition in every aspect. Nowadays the mothers of girl children have sleepless nights because of the happenings around the world. Where did our culture and tradition go! When kiss of love has become a matter of discussion all around the world,is there any aspect which puts a full stop to the sexual harrassments around the world. There are discussions going on regarding the behaviour of girls in the society,which can be agreed,but what about the innocent,ignorant children facing harrassments.What can we as human beings do to prevent this. When people are more concerned about the kiss of love protest and hot discussions are taking place everywhere what do we do to safeguard the ignorant children, just discuss on those matters and forget it after a while until another such incident happens. Medias get a hot topic to discuss when such kind of protests take place and they find a way to attract the viewers. As Indians we follow our culture and tradition merely by discussions. If we are really following our culture and tradition we should have found a solution to prevent the harrassments,which are still taking place though there are woman helpline numbers and child helpline numbers. The truth may be hard to digest.I heard one of the citizens pointing out that nowadays humans cannot be compared to even animals because animals are more cultured when compared to we human beings. We human beings including me don't come forward to prevent all these or bring out a practical solution but merely discuss,discuss,discuss,which at present I am doing,discussing without finding a practical solution.

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    I feel it is the media which made the whole affair so worse. Different channels took it as an issue for celebration. There seemed to have a competition among them! People were made fools.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    As Sri Sankaran stated, the media is the culprit in most issues. It blows up the issue with distortions, partial truths to achieve its only aim of increasing readership and the consequent ratings for getting higher rate on Ads and higher profit. Earlier media used to give news unlike the present time where news is displaced by gossips sensationalized. As Ms Deepa states, there are several serious issues confronting the Nation and issues like the kissing protest need not have such importance. Partially it is true. However, we have o remember that it is only the little grains of sand and the little drops of water that make the pleasant land and mighty ocean. So every small issue is part of the whole social situation.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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