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    Water level in Mullaperiyar nearing 142 feet.

    Mullaperiyar dam is a bone of contention. The strength of this old dam is under controversy. It was earlier agreed that the water level inside the dam will not be raised beyond 136 ft. But Tamil Nadu insisted on raising the same to 142 ft or more. The approached the Supreme Court and got a verdict in favour of them. Kerala's case was not actually presented before the Hon'ble court, hence the TN got a favourable verdict. Now due to good rain fall and the reduction in consumption by TN the level has gone up to 141 ft. The opening of the shutters can help reduce this level. But TN is not ready for that action. Strength of the dam is becoming very near to the dangerous point. Who is to be blamed for this situation?
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    The raising of the water level by T N is as per the SC approval. So they cannot be blamed. The real culprit of this issue is the original agreement which is about 100 years old.During that period the British was ruling the whole of our country, some part directly and others through the then kingdoms. The parts directly ruled by British like the then Madras State was having advantage over other parts. Accordingly the Madras State head, a Britisher was in-charge of the whole South. Hence he could decide and if any resistance is noted, it can be dictated to the concerned part to obey. Naturally, Kerala had to suffer. However, there was a chance to change, at the time of renewal of the agreement in 1970, during the Achutha Menon Govt. But it was not done, except to raise the monetary compensation for water. Kerala has lost the battle on this issue and will be difficult to change.

    There are several earlier articles on this issue and they are relevant even now.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    The strenght of the dam is good according to the reports of the experts. The politicians of Kerala are not the 'experts', they just want to make politics and people believing them blindly. The everyday food resources for the people of Kerala (except mountain vegetables) are bought from Tamil Nadu. If you just want to weaken the economy of Tamil Nadu then you just trying to weaken the economy of India. You are not living in a seperate country and in fact Kerala is part of the ancient Tamil country.

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