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    Performance in Sports

    Our country is performing well in the field of sports in the recent days.India won the ODI series against SriLanka and the performance of cricketers in this series won accolades from all Indians,especially the performance of Rohit sharma with 264 runs. In Indian Super League Kerala blasters won the match against Delhi Dynamos for 1 goal which is not a bad performance. In Badminton Saina Nehwal and Shrikanth Kidambari won the China Open Series in women's singles and men's singles respectively. Congratulations to all the winners. Our country has proved that we can excel in sports and we are no lesser to any other country. I hope India would perform well in other sports also and come out with best performances in Olympics, Common Wealth games,World cup matches etc. I wish all the best to all the sports persons, who play for the country to win more titles and cups in the forth coming challenges.

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    It is true that we are on the top in most of the games but are way behind when it comes to athletics. If we take China for a comparison then we are in pace with them on the basis of population but are lagging way behind when it comes to the medals being scored in Olympics. The major reason for this is the lack of training given to Indian players and they are thus not as much fit as others. Other countries usually train their players from their childhood onwards and that is the key behind such a tremendous success. Hopefully we can improve ourselves and create a history in coming years.

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    Yes, India is doing well in sports specially cricket, at present we could be stereotyped as one the best cricket team in the world. But what about other games and sports, like hockey, our national sport which is losing its popularity day by day. Its not only hockey but its a long line. To start with, athletics, one of the most left out sections in Indian sports and games, we have a population in millions and yet we struggle to bag a single medal at Olympic games. Theses pitiable condition should be taken care of or else we will never be acknowledged as a nation which is well settled on games and sports.

    If our government take effective measures like compulsory physical education classes in all schools and colleges, providing special scholarship for students who are bright in sports, organising sports camps more often and most importantly to train the students right from their childhood cause its always recommended to strike the iron when its hot. Then yes we could do better in the coming years.

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