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    Touch of love - an event held in marine drive

    A group of city residents joined together to honour the elderly in an event called Touch of Love at Marine drive in Kochi on Sunday. Some elderly people were brought from the relief settlement for the elderly at Palluruthy to Marine drive and were felicitated. This was a symbolic event to remind the society that elderly people are abandoned and that they should be taken care of in their old age. They deserved a safe old age with their loved ones and should not be left in old age homes.But this good work was not hyped or reported in the media.When kiss of love was given most importance by people,media and many others these types of events are gone unnoticed. When many people thronged Marine Drive to witness the kiss of love event,Touch of love went unnoticed and only a few would have witnessed such an event. It is a shame on our part wherein we forget our tradition and culture. Many old people are abandoned and an event felicitating them is not at all a matter of discussion,but when it comes to kiss of love the events are live telecasted in televisions,a traffic block is created due to the crowd arrived to witness the event. Let us now atleast realise the importance of old people and provide them with a safe old age. Old is gold.
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    Yes its quite true, the number of old age homes in our country is rising steadily, this is a pitiable situation cause we are forgetting our parents importance and forcing them out of our homes and abandoning them. We must respect the old and start treating them with some respect.

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