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    Protest against child abuse

    In Nadapuram, Kozhikode a four and a half year girl child was sexually abused by two of her senior students.A series of protests had erupted in Nadapuram demanding the arrest of the students accused in the incident. The Kerala State Women's Commission had intervened in the issue. It was suspected that the investigating officials and school management try to protect the accused. The Kerala State Commission for Protetion of Child Rights has to take strong steps against such incidents. The victims should be punished without any consideration.Not only the victims but also the helpers(one who protects the accused) should be punished in time.
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    Child abuse and child sexual abuse is getting alarmingly high. It gives an indication of how the moral fiber of the society is deteriorating fast. It high time that the entire society wakes up and try to put some break on this trend of child abuse. The society consist of all of us and not merely the police, security and the judiciary. Of curse these institutions play a vital role in checking the spread of the child abuse menace. What I feel is that only a portion of the cases comes out for fear of stigma, family honor etc. It is this fact of not complaining by the victims' families which indirectly embolden the perpetrators of the heinous crime. So it is the duty of the families and the neighbors to see that complaint is made on every incident.

    The crime of Child abuse not only physically affect he child concerned. It creates a mental trauma also t the child and the entire family. When the Nation is thinking of empowering the women this type of incidents will be like the putting the clock back as the traumatized girl children, their women family members and neighbors will be terribly affected.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    It is true that child abuse is on rise and we can here plenty of such stories happening in our state. Girls do fear to face the outside world without anyone's support. Teenage is the spotted period when all such activities starts and parents are very much threatened about their children.

    In order to eliminate such abuse, strict rules should be followed and those who violates the law should be given the effective punishment through which no one else should not even think of taking a step. But the rules can even be violated by those women to fulfill some of their personal anger and such men will be innocent and they will become helpless against it. So the rules should be equally favorable and proper evidence should be taken before ordering the punishments.

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    The darker side of our society, on one side we call our self developed, modern and cultured and on the other side we find such evil lurking amongst us in our society. Child abuse a growing stain on our so called white collared society, is on its hike, sexual abuse has become a common sight in all news papers now a days. Girls are not even safe in their homes, such autocracy against girls should be totally uprooted from our society. And for this our law an enforcement should be brushed up and accusers should be given apt punishments. It is the incompetence of our enforcement system that such evil is prevailing. So we must all join hands and pledge to make our state, our country and our world a better place for women

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