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    Sabarimala accomodation -full-what to do ?


    My niece, who is 9-year old, is coming to sabari mala in dec. But the accomodation is full from the website online booking . What to do now ?

    Please advise if there is any other way to get an accomodation near sannidhanam ?

    Thank you.
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    There are many lodges which render services, and still remain off the grid. You could easily find some small motels in near by places. If your niece is coming with some elders then it will be easy to find accommodation in near by places.

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    It is very difficult to get accommodation near Sannidanam during Shabarimala season and we are helpless in solving this problem. The only thing which you could do is to search for a place near when your niece reach the location. There may be many unofficial places were accommodations are being provided. There is no use in searching online accommodation now as the season has already arrived. You should have searched for it few months back itself to get one decent place to settle. So kindly advice your niece to get contacted with someone who resides there or it will be practical if you search there when your start the journey. Best wishes.

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