Why does right-wing outfits seeks ban on Aamir's PK?

Wow....loved every bit of the movie....I would say 'Aamir Rocks'...Kudos to the filmmakers Mr.Hirani and Abhijat Joshi. You people done a fabulous job....
I personally loved the movie because it depicts the truth that we are not born with a birthmark of any religion, same like a baby born without any preconceived notions. However, unfortunately we have to chose one religion being coerced by parents or the society.
The movie teach us a good lesson that "We should worship the god who has created us...... not the one whom we created"....Movie also explains the fact that there is one and only one creator and we all are his sons and daughters. Whatever rituals and religions we follow still we are one kind that is 'Humankind'.
God never said anywhere or to anyone to build enormous churches, temples or mosques. I always felt that people make god as commodity....
The two dialogues which touches my heart are firstly, "Who we are to take care of our god". He is the creator of us and this whole universe. so why we are protecting our god. In that sense who is the supreme here God or us???. Secondly, when Aamir asks the shopkeeper about the difference between 20 rs statue and 50 rs respectively. The thing is what makes the difference if it is 50 rs or 1000 rs statue? does god gets angry if i bought a 20 rs statue or photo to worship him???
The incident strikes in my heart is when i attended a retreat in Uk who organized by famous Indian priest. Every 1 hour there was a break and each break they announce to give money as offering to god to build a new retreat centre in kerala.
Every religion is demanding money for various purposes. Really we should give money to god to listen our prayers??????
God!!!! he is our creator. believing in god gives a positive vibe...It gives hopes.....He doesn't survive in a particular place or thing, he lives everywhere even in our hearts....So my request is to rather spend money as offering in religious institutions feed a person who is hungry. Then and there you can see and feel god. And please stop fighting in the name of religions....
Thank you Mr. Hirani and i appreciate for coming up with such a bold theme and trying to show a mirror to the society.............
Last but not the least i sump up, my views by quoting Aamir words-
"I feel that the biggest thing is the connection which each one of us has with God. that is the primary relation. If I have to pray, talk or communicate to God and share my feelings, or troubles with Him, nobody needs to tell me how to do it. It is between my maker and me that the relationship exists"
NB_ My opinion only