Munnar – a glorious place to visit by everyone

Munnar - meaning the place of three rivers, is a famous hill station in Idukki district. The town is around 1400 meters above sea level. The place is glorified by is visual beauty. From Chitrapuram onwards the greenery of tea plants gives a visual treat. Tea plants spreads like a green silk saree, which covers all around us. The flowering trees in two sides of roads is the remaining memories of British Empire. The tall trees among the tea plants looks like soldiers. Munnar magnifies its beauty during the blooming of "nilakurunji", which blooms once in twelve years. Last bloom was in 2014.
Munnar is also famous for its climate similar to Ooty. The place is also known for the variety of flowers. In recent past the natural beauty was disturbed by invaders by constructing cottages and resorts. The tourism itself spoil the climate and the charming beauty. We should preserve our nature.