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    Rain water harvesting

    Rain water harvesting is a great project introduced in Tamilnadu by the then CM. it is a great step to fight against water problems. The government has given emphasis for this at that time. In Kerala since we are having plenty of monsoon, we can adopt this method easily without much cost. We can collect rain water in a separate well or even in our existing well. It is also advisable to make a pond in the compound or around the house and can use to water the plants and agricultural land during dry or summer season. Over all if the rain water is preserved in a pond around the house it will reduce heat also. It is shame to cry for water in Kerala neglecting these possibilities. To introduce this scheme our government should take steps by initiating various measures to encourage people in this matter.
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    The importance of preservation of ground water level is as important. For this the suggestion of Ms Komalavally to harvest the rain water is very important. She has mentioned the other benefits like helping in having a check, though minimal, on atmospheric warmth. This harvested water can be used for horticulture, Floriculture etc. As suggested in her comment most houses will have well and can be used to harvest the water. Since Kerala gets plenty of rain, The wells might already be getting food quantity of water. So the families can go for a mini well or pond. This measure of harvesting rain water will definitely help in climate control, ground water level maintenance which will again have a cyclic effect to get good rain in the next season.
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    Ramanathan A R

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