An Appeal to the Gov't. to Install Beds in their Various Departments so that the eagerly w

An Appeal to the Gov't. to Install Beds in their Various Departments so that the eagerly waiting people could sleep overnight.

Malyalees like cricket. Reason? They like waiting for 8 hours for the result. Don't think this is sarcasm. Really we Malayalees like waiting. It's been a general motto of our life style. For example our farmers wait for the rain to come. And so does any person who goes to corporation to get a sanction on building his house. The too busy officers RI s and BI s say, the file has to reach my desk/bench from the floor above. Yes, that might be the third time you have gone to the above floor to ask "sir, my file....'.
I like waiting too, may be because sloth is a part of my lifestyle. I like waiting for the cashier in the treasury, to withdraw the pension amount for my mother. I am a teacher, so what? My students can wait, the hour can wait, n what not even the portion can wait. I respect the time they take while we wait out there in front of the cash counter. The cashier comes at 10.30, (she's early). Takes an important file goes, comes, goes, comes after having a precious chai n starts the process. I still like waiting. I would have waited much longer.
I am still waiting. There is no greater experience than waiting for an interview, which you know is already been slotted for other. But what's the point of not waiting. So I report at Devaswom board office at 9.30 as per the call letter instructions. About 20 candidates, I assure we were so eager to wait. We wait another 3 and a half hours there when the interview started at 1 pm. Oh lesser the time of waiting greater we get active. One hour and 6 candidates got out depressed of the finish of their waiting time. And when the clock struck 2 pm, they announced a lunch break for the interview board. Everybody who loves waiting went to have lunch, n I here who loves waiting more is typing this in my mobile. Don't think that I am doing a hunger strike, because i love waiting more than 'eating'.