High Court Observes Sympathizing with Maoism Not a Crime

Recently, Kerala High Court had passed a judgement in favour of Shyam Balakrishnan when it tried to resolve the petition filed against him. The police have been asked to pay 1 lakh rupees as compensation for the damage in reputation of the accused in the society. This is considered as the landmark judgement by the honourable High Court in the state.

Landmark Judgement

When a complaint was filed against Shyam Balakrishnan accusing him of Maoist sympathizer, he was nabbed by the state police and searched him by making him literally stand naked. The mental torture faced by the accused had forced him to go to the High Court to get some reprieve from the Law. While disposing of the case, the judge hearing the case termed that a Maoist sympathizer cannot be tried and prosecuted under the law unless he turns against it. The honourable Judge further noted that this was the classic case of the law enforcer becoming an aggressor. Hence, he asked the law enforcing agencies to observe restraint while handling such cases.

Government's Response

In any case, the court asked the government to pay Rs. 1 lakh as the compensation to Shyam Balakrishnan. This would become a restraint of the law enforcing agencies, while dealing with sensitive cases in the coming days. The government is planning to go for an appeal in the higher court against this ruling. Let us wait for the things to unfold in the future to get a correct picture on this evolving story.