SAI Trainees Allege Torture by Seniors in Disguise of Ragging

Recently, four Sports Authority of India (SAI) trainees tried to commit suicide alleging that they were not able to bear the torture meted out by the seniors in the Girls' hostel run by the authority at Punnamada. Of the four girls attempted, one died and the remaining three were hospitalized and they were reported to be out of danger. On May 22, 2015, the recuperating SAI trainees were discharged from the hospital.

SAI Trainees Allege Torture

When the media scribes contacted the girls who got discharged from the hospital, they alleged that they were subjected to torture by the seniors in the girls' hostel run by Water Sports Centre at Punnamada. They further told that they had to take the extreme step as they were not able to withstand the torture meted out to them by seniors in the hostel. Delving deep into the torture episode, the horrified trainees further added that they were continually harassed by seniors both physically and mentally. They allege that they were purposefully asked to undertake the laborious tasks as part of the hostel ragging. Notwithstanding this, the girls alleged that the seniors further made them to wash their clothes, including undergarments, and made to massage their feet. They further accused that they had complained about their predicament several times in the past to the authorities concerned. They claimed that they did not get any justice from the authorities also. This forced them to take the extreme step.