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    Education in Kerala.

    Nowadays it is difficult to get a good education in Kerala,without large sum of money.
    Last year's Kerala SSLC shows that the quality of education getting worse day by day.CBSE schools provides good education but an ordinary person can't person can;t afford it,so its time friends lets remove all such bad thing from education given govt.Everyone should provide equal education in equal amount of money..
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    Good post.

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    Eduacation in kerala is very good.

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    i dont think so because its the best teachers teaching in Kerala government school than in CBSE school because the government is only selecting the best teachers and giving them jobs in school . but the teachers are making the job teaching a simple thing. I think we should give them class for understanding the value of teaching .also CBSE school is also taking expertise teachers but you should know that they are the teachers who are failed to get government they selected CBSE and also teachers who are in retirement. I think the government school should provide some officials to check the value of teaching in every school. and also the supports for physical education in Kerala is unexpectedly bad . i think they need to strictly provide these class twice in 1 week

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    State school teachers also attend many courses based on their subjects.They will be facing difficulties from students who doesn't want to listen class.CBSE students are compelled by their parents to study well,this made ahuge difference between state school students and cbse students.But the end mark scored by state school students will be much higher than cbse students,but the quality of education given by cbse will be great..

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    The present educational system is of low quality because people think of education as mere business or as a means to attain some objectives.
    In kerala, we find more than three-forth of our students in cbse schools. Parents feels low to say that their ward is studying in a government school. So most of them prefer public schools.
    Also, in government istitutions, we find that most of the time the teachers take leave. And in many schools there are very few students. The infrastructure provided by the government schools are also very low. These conditions have made people to stay away from the government schools.
    Speaking about the present educational system prevailing in our country, we find that the institutions give much weight to theories. I personally have an opinion that practical knowledge should be embedded to the growing generation so that they are aware when and where to use the knowledge they attain.
    People treat education as if learning about few things in order to clear some exams, but education should be made a lifestyle, and not a burden.

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