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    Should Lotteries In Kerala Be Banned?

    The issue of banning the lotteries is being debated on almost all forums recently and government need to look into this. Banning lotteries can actually help the poor society unlike what the majority thinks.

    Should the Kerala government ban one of their most successful department, lottery department? That's a question which is being asked multiple times and debates are ongoing on a daily basis. But it yields absolutely no results as both the government and the opposition is not keen on thinking on the issue which is affecting the absolute poor class of the society. The article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Kerala lotteries and the physiology of those who wait for the results every day.

    It's a hope

    The one that is being converted to money is the hope in people. Hope that their decision to check their luck will change their life, hope that their sufferings will have an end. That's where everyone's life converges to. This has an another disadvantage that the wish to change is highest on the poor society and they always get trapped on lotteries. We just can't say bad about that mainly because they don't see any other way to make some quick money. Many are willing to spend a 20 Rs for a 1/200000 chance to earn 50 lakhs.

    Another angle to all these is an argument such as the Government is the prime reason why their people are still living in poverty and they should work on it instead of regulating the ways in which people want to use their own money. Once the money is earned that person has the authority to decide on what to buy as long is it is legal. And lotteries are legal at least on Kerala.

    Lotteries like karunya lottery is one of the most famous and successful lottery and it's mainly because of its intention. The department does a lot to help to poor people who are in need of cash for health related issues and Kerala government already spent almost 200 crores from lottery revenue on cancer and heart treatment of poor society.

    There are a lot of people who made a fortune from Kerala lottery. It can't be forgotten while discussing the legality of the lottery tickets

    It Break Families

    Their is an element of unfair in the whole process of lottery draw. I mean, what this actually do? Collecting money from random people and giving it to a selected few. 1 in 100 gets back their hard earned money and all the others lose it no matter how small the amount is. Summing up such small amounts get the figure into crores per draw.

    It can make people broke as it is capable of turning addictive. "Didn't get this time, try again". That's the motto of the majority of lottery users these days.

    Even the Levin of Communist party was against the lottery because it was letting his followers (poor class) on chaos and poverty.
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    No it shouldn't be banned. Because many people lives on the income generated from lottery tickets. Kerala lottery is some kind of income source for needy people in less amount with huge profit. It is a good initiative by kerala state lotteries. you can also check kerala lottery results at kerala lotteries

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    Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery programme run by the Government of Kerala. Established in 1967, under the lottery department of the Government of Kerala, it is the first of its kind in India. In 1967 all private lotteries were banned and the Government of Kerala started the Kerala State Lotteries

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    Today result of lottery Sambad will be announced at 11 AM in the morning, 4 PM in the noon and 8 PM night. A person who plays India's most popular lottery always look for the today result of lottery Sambad to get result on time. This helps in so many different ways whether the person won the lucky draw or lost.

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