The BJP and CPIM clashes in Kerala

In recent times the political atmosphere in the country and that in Kerala specially is vitiated by attacks and counter attacks by goon followers of BJP and CPIM. After the ascend of Modi as PM, the goon section of the BJP/RSS all over the country became emboldened and let loose a reign of terror with the active help and support of State wherever BJP is ruling. This aggression from BJP percolated to Kerala too with the tacit support from Center. But in Kerala they have a match from the cadre of CPIM. The 2 parties are having running street battles in some pockets of Kerala. It has assumed a serious proportion and now the CM has taken the initiative ti discuss with the concerned parties to find out a via media or solution to the trouble. Let us hope that there will be some solution to the hooliganism by the cadres of these 2 parties and the people of Kerala will have peace.