While I was searching information about Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala

Divine Sense of Ayurved in Kerala
Recently when I was researching on Ayurvedic treatment due to some kind of skin allergy suffered by one of my relative I discovered an important and holistic part of Kerala .
Though I shortlisted some Ayurvedic Centres in and around my city the topic made me research more on internet.As we try to find Ayurvedic Centers we get details from many locations in India and we also find Centers out of India.But the maximum listings are from Kerala.Infact he "Mother of Ayurveda is Kerala ".
Kerala is known for the tourist places and holiday destinations.I have heard great review about this Green State .Its a pleasant place far from the crowd and hectic life of cities like Mumbai and Delhi.
Definetely if the sight and pictures that I see on internet of the places in Kerala I realize how divine one must be feeling in the nature of Kerala. The name really suits "Kerala,giving Care ".
As I was surfing more about Kerala I found the rich heritage and abundance of Ayurvedic treatments available there .There are Ayurvedic resorts and Hospitals situated in the amidst of Green Mountains and lands.These resorts provides good facilities and many options for your need from relaxation to treatment to Holidays .
I came across terms like detoxification,rejuvenation,panchakarmas .Ayurveda have treatment for almost every part of the body with no harm to body.It eradicates the disease from roots.
I had experienced a bit of Ayurveda when I had been to Ayurveda facial .It was so soothing and relaxing.
But Kerala Ayurveda is more than just relaxation,it is cure for most of the ailments.
As I discovered more about this place I felt close to nature and God.
Truly Divine!