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    Discuss: Do you think your writing skill is improving by writing post in SpiderKerala?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think your writing skill is improving by writing post in SpiderKerala?'.

    Yes there is no iota of doubt about it. All members who are contributing in different sections are getting a platform to improve their english language as also their imaginations. The new platform helps to tend to create skills in writing, participating in polls with which one's GK is improved and moreover, by reading others' contributions, one's knowledge irrespective of the subject matter become thorough. Moreover, one become updated from all angles. Of course, these are subject to the fact that the contributions are in one's own language reconstructed based on the data collected from different websites. As far as I am concerned, I can confirm, I find time out of hectic schedule to read new posts, share my mite, and to remain active. To be frank, the skills which were dormant in me have just started to poke her head out in a good way. Thanks to SPK.
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    Why not. No one is perfect from the day one. When we practice daily we become perfect and excel over others. I made a point to visit this site daily and contribute good information concerning the state and expect members like you to respond in a apt manner. Its always good to share knowledge with others. We are all well educated and now this is the time for re learning.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Yes of course...The writing skills gets improved as we write. As we write more, our skills also gets increased. Sites like SPK provides a platform for the people to increase their talents also get paid for that. Our language skills and vocabulary will also increase, as more and more writing requires more and more words and phrases. This will increase the beauty of articles and constantly our skills will increase...

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    Actually this is an apt question. No doubt about this. SPK and its sister sites give us a chance to improve ourselves. I have been working with SPK in last six months. Initially my aim was to increase my points not bothered about the writing skill or writing topics. So I was adding some videos in it. Later I realized the fact and tried to write some articles. That brought me cash credits also.

    The time when I joined in SPK, I didn't know much about google adsense earning and all. SPK gives me an inspiration to learn about google adsense.

    So keep your good work here. This site will defenitely help you to improve your writing skill and also improve your pocket capacity.

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    Definitely this will help improving the writing skill. Especially for those who are otherwise not engaged in any type of writing in the daily work, this is a boon. I feel so now, since after retirement my chances of writing have come down. Earlier when in service, naturally as a teacher and a researcher, no day could pass without putting something in black and white. Also correcting the answer papers of students were part of the profession. Hence after joining this SPK (also ISC) I am getting a chance to revive the skill.
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    Yes, I think my writing skill is improving by writing post in SpiderKerala. It helps me to think about matters.It is also beneficial to increase my thinking. This scheme is also beneficial for getting some points for our writing.

    I am very haapy for this SpiderKerala scheme.


    Gopal Singh Rawat

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