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    Hello members- Its Manu right from china,happy to be a part of SpiderKerala

    I am a new member here in SPK.I am proud of it because SPK is one of the best sites I have seen ,it has the ability to spread the knowledge and gain knowledge.

    I am from Thiruvalla ,Pathanamthitta district in Kerala.I had done my schooling in Seventh Day Adventist H S S ,Paippad near to house of our Webmaster Biju sir. Presently I am doing MBBS in China.My Dad dreamt of me becoming a Doctor and it was my duty to see that I fulfill his dreams so I joined here in China.I tried to get admission in many colleges in kerala but due to the huge amount of cash they were asking i dropped the plans for MBBS and was to join for entrance coaching classes.At that time I got the chance to come to Study in China and I reached here.At the beginning it was my duty towards my dad to study MBBS but as i started to study i began to realise that what our parents choose for us is always the best.this is my 1st semester of 4th year here in China,I have done my best till now and studying a lot hard.Most of the people i have came across about the credibility of MBBS in china.If we have the MCI clearance certificate for the University or college we are studying and the name of college in the list of colleges prescribed by MCI .Its all safe.After coming back to India after completing the course in china we have to undergo a screening test to get our registration permanent.

    While I was in Kerala i used to be with my friends.My parents were staying in Orissa so i was in Hostel,completely adjusted to living alone.I used to be a fan of congress BJP and LDF...because i didnt know much about these thieves,each time they were elected they did some good work so i praised them a lot.Once i learnt from my parents that we can vote for only 1 party .That was the beginning i began to study about each and every party ,its members and i came to the conclusion that all were thives . From then i didnt care about politics and concenterated on other thing like studies and games.

    In China its been a different experience.The people here are so kind,the boys here are a bit selfish they dont help us ,the girls here have a good helping mentality for foreigners they help us ,Once I asked a girl about some place she walked with me till that place,similarly I asked a guy about going back the way I have come he told me a lots of go right and go left leaving me confused but somehow I managed to reach my college.The climate here is so cold during most of the seasons from october 2nd week to April its cold here and after that its too hot temp goes upto 43 degrees with humidity.Now its snowing here.The roads here are so neat and clean,washed every day morning or in the evening.A tanked spraying water is seen washing the roads here.I havent seen any beggars here as in kerala.Here there are no electric poles ,no phone poles.Everything is underground making it look clean.Foreigners are given priority everywhere.The traffic police are always ready to help us with the directions and if we are lost they even give us a free drive to our campus.I will be sharing my experience with the people in china later in other posts.
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    Hai Manu from China. And that is the farthest member of this site and i warmly welcome here on everybody's behalf. And i came to know that you are doing MBBS in China. I sincerely hope that after becoming doctor you will serve the poor in Thiruvalla ,Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. Such gestures will always be welcomed.

    K Mohan

    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Hai Manu,
    With great pleasure I extremely welcome you to SpiderKerala. This is a great moment for us to get a youngster like you who could contribute much for the site. I know you have good potential and can give your best for SPK. Hope to see in a post about your Christmas and New Year experience in China. Best Wishes.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Hai Manu,

    Hearty welcome for you into the team SPK. You are in a right destination to make money by sharing and building up your knowledge via SPK. Also you have got a good start in SPK. Know all about SPK feature and do start posting online contents and earn money. Good start is half done.

    Ask any doubts about SPK in Forum Section and keep on watching it for SPK new announcements and active group discussion. Before posting just follow the guidlines of particular section. I am wishing you success always and prosperous happy new year.

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