Essential guidelines to write good resources and earn more cash credits in SpiderKerala

We can see most of the resources in SpiderKerala are not getting more points and cash credits. There are many causes for this. There are some important guidelines written below that you need to follow for writing good resources.

Impressive guidelines to write good resources and earn more cash credits

We have guidelines to write resources . Here I am trying to explain these guidelines in detailed manner. Follow the guidelines before you post your resources.

1. Select a valuable Topic for your resource

Topic is major thing in your resource in Spider Kerala. You need to choose any hot topic which is related to Kerala. I have noticed so many resources in which many of them are not having a such a valuable topic. Think before you take a subject whether it is a valuable one or not. Our editors may give the guidelines about the updated hot topics in kerala like House boats, Kerala PSC exams, Kochi IPL Team, Upcoming Malayalam Movies. Try to choose such a trendy topics for your resource. A good selection of your topic will give you good points and cash credits by a good impression from Editors. Participate in reward programs which announces in Forum section by Editors. This is very important to check for any new SPK announces which gives the information about new feature, reward program, any changes , winner announcement etc. in Forum section for any member in SPK.

2. Choose an appropriate title and subtitles

When we think about to write a resource about a particular topic, the next thing is to select an appropriate title which reflects to the core point in your topic. It is very important to choose a meaningful and lengthy title to catch good traffic from search engines. It will increase the chances to optimize in search engine and to earn more Google ad sense revenue in future. Short titles will not enough to be listed in search engine's search list. An optimized title should be 7 to 8 words and carry the core content of resource.

More over, you want to give subtitles in your resource. According to the nature of content divide it as some sections and should give suitable subtitles. Suppose you want to write about new model of Nokia. Then title should be including the name of model like this "The latest mobile model N 900 from Nokia is available in markets". You can give subtitles like the Special features of Nokia 900, Configurations of Nokia 900, Special attraction in Nokia 900 and Prize of different models of Nokia 900 . You need to care about to include the key word like N900 in your subtitles. It will also help you to catch the search engine traffic and increase ad sense value.

3.Use HTML tags for titles and subtitles

You must use HTML heading tags for title and subtitles like H1, H2 and H3 in order to search engine optimization. For titles and subtitles, you shouldn't use the html tags such as font, bold, italic etc. you can use these simple HTML tags like bold, italic, underline for giving highlights of some important words to grab the attention from readers. This is just like that I have done the here in above sentence. also one thing, don't leave any line break after Heading tagged title because one enough line break already there as default in html heading tags. But you need to leave a line break between the last sentence of a paragraph and the next title. Don't leave more than one line break any where. We are not allowed to use other complicated html tags like body. Find the bottom attachment document to know how to use basic html tags in SPK.

4. Give a good Summary for your resource

We can see most of them are leaving the summary without writing any thing or copy paste one sentence from anywhere their resources. It should not be like this. You must write a good summary which reflects what you are writing in your resource. Summary should not be copy of starting sentences of resources. In summary you want to mention about the main title and subtitle contents. You can write summary like this for above example "The new mobile model Nokia 900 is launched. This article describes about the Nokia new mobile N900 and its advanced applications. You can also find here about its configuration and prize". You want to make sure the title key word like "Nokia N900"must be come in summary at least one or two times. Title should give an outline of your resource. It must not be a repetition of title or the same summary should not repeat in the contents of resource. For summary, you should not use any html tags. It must be two or three meaningful sentences which provide a clear idea about the resource.

5. Prepare the topic as divided paragraphs

You should divide the topic on the basis of its quality and nature and, then write about all the qualities under given subtitled paragraphs. You should keep the order of paragraphs and flow of sentences. Each sentence must be link by meaning. This will be provide a good looking for your resource and can understandable easily for readers. This definitely helps you to gain more points and cash credits.

6. Place the proper images in your resources

The next very important thing is placing of images in resource. We need to place aptly one or two images which are most suitable to the resource content. As images are not compulsory, no need to use in every resources. In some resources we can give images which helps to readers to understand perfectly. But you should place in limited numbers and should not fill thickly the resource with the many images. You need be careful to use the pictures in essential cases only.

7. Use bullets and numbering

When you want to list any important features or other lists in your resources, it is important to use bullets and numbering. You can use for that numbers and symbols like 1), (2), *, #, - , ~, • etc. It will help to readers for easy accessing into core features which given in 'bullets and numbering' in the resources.

8. Use proper punctuations

Every punctuation mark like full stop, colon, coma, semi cola, exclamatory mark, apostrophe etc. has its own function in the sentences. We should not use them anywhere in between and at the end of the sentences like in poem writing. So take care about these punctuation marks to avoid your sentences from being meaningless. In this case, one thing is need to remember that after any mark like coma or full stop you need to leave a space. If you check spelling and grammar you can clearly understand the error. So while spell check you must check and clear the problem like this too. Also be attentive to use a blank line between each paragraph.

9. Care about the case of letters

Use only sentence case in your sentences. Never use upper case unnecessarily because it is not fair to readers. Uppercase should use only according to rules in English language. Use always first letter of every sentence as Capital letter. Don't use any short words or chat words in your resources.

10. Give proper tags

Before submitting your resources you will be asked to add tags. Don't leave this place by giving just any one word. Tags are having its own important to catch the search traffic. So give some time to add proper tags which should be the key words or highlighted words in your resources.

Follow the above guidelines on writing good quality resources and avoid things which you should not do in resources, and then you will feel the substantial changes yourself in your resources.

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